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To My Baby, Who Isn’t

To my darling Baby, who isn't, Today you needed me for the first time in a long time. Yes, I know. You're only two so you still need me for lots of things. Like food and diaper changes and snacks. But today you actually needed me. You have been stretching to grow up from the moment… Continue reading To My Baby, Who Isn’t


Rules and Sabbath Rest: Four “Ts” to Kick-Start the Sabbath

Before we go any further on this journey together, it should be made known that both Jeff and I are firstborns. So when I mentioned in my last post that I'm your get-it-done kind of gal, you should also be made aware that Jeff is painted with a similar brush. I definitely won't go as… Continue reading Rules and Sabbath Rest: Four “Ts” to Kick-Start the Sabbath

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Learning from a Difficult Year

I feel like I can't continue writing posts until I've written a bit about something that has become extremely near and dear to our hearts as a family. The year 2017 was a hard year for us: a year full of travel for Jeff, weeks of single-parenting for me, health issues, a difficult toddler, a… Continue reading Learning from a Difficult Year